Expedited Chrome Management Licenses For Education

Adding Chromebooks to your district’s technology plan is only the first step on your way to digitally connecting your administration, teachers, and students. With Chrome Management, you can streamline the deployment of policies.

Chrome Management Licenses for Education are required to manage Chromebook devices in your domain.

Create user groups to apply policies for Chrome devices within your organization.

Chrome device management license helps you manage your fleet of Chromebooks and to set policies on the devices. It’s a big benefit to help manage your fleet of Chromebooks remotely, without having to physically touch any of them.

This advanced level of Chrome device management is only available for organizations with Google Apps for Education or Google Apps for Nonprofits (formerly Google Apps for Government).

If for some reason your device is damaged beyond repair Google allows you to still use your purchase license as long as you replace the device with the exact same model.

Expedited Licenses

Chrome management licenses make it easy to deploy and control users, devices and apps across all your Chromebooks.

Allow administrators and admins to have one centrally configured network.

Full access to user controls and settings from one screen, in one place.

Control what apps, plugins and software are allowed on your devices.

Administer any of these features, and many more, from anywhere at any time.

Chrome Management Licenses for Education with Perpetual License

*This product is an educational discounted version available to qualified faculty/staff and academic institutions only

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Don't know what Google Apps subscription you have?

Please log in to your admin console admin.google.com and check under the billing module.

What's the primary domain name and super admin email address?

In order for licenses to be provisioned by Google you must include:

1) Your primary Google Apps domain and email (super admin email)

2) An alternate email address (off domain email) is not associated with the primary domain so this is typically a personal email address.

The purpose of this alternate email address is just so Google would be able to contact you for password changes, verifying identity or if your Google Apps domain were to go down for any reason.

How long do it take to get the Chrome Management Licenses?

You can expect your license to be provisioned by Google and show up in your admin console under device management if there are no issues with the provided information this can happen in less than 24 hours. However, if there are any problems this could be pushed to a maximum of two to five business days.

Call us for expedited licenses. (800) SO-SIMPLE

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